What is Foundation Canada?

Foundation is a policy development model for national electorates all over the world. Its aim will be to reorder national and international government priorities based on the facts of a 21st century global reality. That reality is that the environmental and biological health of our world is for the first time in living memory physically collapsing, and that in these global circumstances, a politically cooperative, electorate led, world federal approach to the repair or mitigation of these crisis is not only warranted, but vitally important to continued human well being. Foundation will outline a political strategy to democratically induce regulate and control a form of world federalism, through the formation of national political parties like:
Foundation Canada: One of an international group of like minded political parties which will be progressive in nature, and lean heavily on the sciences for national and international policy which is relevant to 21st century needs. Foundation political parties like Foundation Canada will feature a common foreign policy that redefines Social Contract to the extent that upon national election victory, and then only by electorate consent through referendum, could Foundation Canada enter Canada into, or exit from a World Federal relationship with other national electorates who so elect, to form:
World Foundation: An institution embodying the mechanisms of a global federal republic, whose representatives from each member nation state would be elected by and responsible to the people of each nation state. The rights and responsibilities of public electorates in this federal arrangement will be expanded beyond those normally associated with federal systems. These will include limited and ongoing direct democratic control over certain aspects of World Foundation specifically related to the health and safety of the human species as a whole, to the planetary life support systems on which that health and safety depend, and over matters related to the over concentration of military, corporate, economic, media and political power.