William O. Douglas
“World Federalism is an idea that will not die. More and more people are coming to realize that peace must be more than an interlude if we are to survive; that peace is a product of law and order; that law is essential if the force of arms is not to rule the world.” - William O. Douglas

A Time For Every Purpose

On December 19th, 2009, I saw a photograph in the Globe and Mail, of a crowd of people walking through the streets of Copenhagen with a large banner. That banner read System Change, not Climate Change.

That was perhaps the first public acknowledgment that our national and international political systems are not equipped to lead us to an ecologically sustainable world. These are the same political systems and operatives that are now advancing a form of world government, over which they will have almost total control. Not a good prospect for democracy, or for the conditions necessary to repair a physically damaged planet.

The first of the three components forming this world government, is its cornerstone. It is the United Nations.

The United Nations was designed for, and essentially functions to support the imperial ambitions of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, and then to clean up and salve over the debris it leaves behind through militarism and ecological damages. The United Nations is governed as an oligarchy, through representatives which are nation state appointed and controlled.

The second component will be a series of Continental Unions, like for instance the European Union, and an emerging North American Union. There will be other continental unions to follow.

Continental Unions, as now exemplified by the European Union, are carefully constructed and managed elements of this world government. They are meant to perpetuate and grow the United Nations system, to keep power where it has always been, in the hands of the few for the benefit of the few. That is the way of imperial systems. The most powerful oligarchs and plutocrats within these Continental Unions are already granting themselves the imperial power to orchestrate the conduct and elections of less powerful nation states, within their own Continental Unions.

The November 13th, 2009 edition of the Globe and Mail is reporting in an article on who should be the European Unions first president and foreign minister, that these “first big decisions under the treaty (the Lisbon Treaty) which is claimed to make the E.U. more democratic, transparent and accountable, will be taken in secret and without contenders formally declaring they are after the jobs.” “Polish proposals for a more open contest by declared candidates” have been “dismissed” as “unrealistic”.

Apparently European electorates have no right to know in whose interest those proposals were dismissed, or why. Just as in the United Nations oligarchic system, European electorates have been denied the fundamental right to elect their representatives, or for that matter, too even know who those representatives are going to be.

North American electorates are not going to be given the right to vote on whether we want to enter into a Continental Union. Canadian, American, and Mexican voters are too have no say whatsoever on entry into, or the extent of the legal binding of our nations to a North American Union, or for that matter, that Unions relationship to The United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.

Smaller, less powerful North American nations, are to continue in their role as servants to this imperial state. There is no reason to expect a different result for the periphery nations of other Continental Unions as they emerge.

The third and final component of this World Government is an institution to bind the United Nations and these Continental Unions as one, to merge under the control of a new United Nations political entity being developed as The United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.

The United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, the campaign for which began on April 24th, 2007, is described as “a proposed addition to the United Nations system that could eventually allow for the direct election of U.N. Parliament members all over the world.”

Reality Check. The United Nations Security Council has no intention of giving “people all over the world” the democratic right to overrule their decisions. It has already been reported that this so called Assembly is backing away from the idea of elected representatives, in favour of appointing them. Count on it, and count on the fact that combined with phoney elections at the Continental Union level of government , these three institutions will constitute a dangerously centralized form of World Government that will have none of the democratic controls or federal protections that democratic World Federal government was meant to establish.

There is an urgent need to legally establish the political tools of Foundation Canada and World Foundation, Without these democratic institutions to remind us of what is at stake, and what is possible, we will continue to be fooled into giving up important democratic rights and freedoms to codify a model of world government, that so far most strongly resembles the political realities and structure of the former Soviet Union.

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