William O. Douglas
“World Federalism is an idea that will not die. More and more people are coming to realize that peace must be more than an interlude if we are to survive; that peace is a product of law and order; that law is essential if the force of arms is not to rule the world.” - William O. Douglas

A word about World Federalism and Foundation

25 September, 2005

While rank and file World Federalists allowed the seed of Foundation to be planted, its governing elites never allowed it to germinate, nor do they intend to. If they independently create a vehicle like Foundation, in response to it, be warned, they will not give you any rights that they cannot or will not take away from you. Always remember that Foundation is not something that can be given, it is something that you are going to have to take by the power of your democratic right. If Foundation is inadequate to the task at hand, whatever you deem it to be, redesign it, but never surrender electorate control of it.

What follows is a broad overview of some of the general ideas and principles of Foundation.

We are seven billion people on a planet that can support one billion, and is now working at 125% of its physical capacity. Continental aquifers are drying up. Oceans and atmospheres are struggling, and ice caps and sheets are unstable. We are courting global famine on a scale we have not seen before, and we are rapidly destroying our fundamental capacity to physically recover from major environmental breakdowns which have already begun. We are being terribly foolish, and we are doing it to sustain states of government and ideologies that do not see these as urgent problems, and would not be prepared to act on them if they did. We are in a lot of trouble, and we need to start acting like we are.

The fight against terrorism as currently managed isn’t going to repair these problems, its going to make them worse. We have no more time to be ill prepared for environmental or biological breakdowns, to hunt and kill evil doers, or to pursue policies of growth dependent on fossil fuels. At this time in human history such actions are foolish to the extreme, and unnecessary. We need to make what are really very radical changes, very quickly. That these changes will upset status quo interests is undeniable, they are also unavoidable.

Politics, I am told, is the art of the possible. Democratic World Federalism is possible, and it can be made democratically available through Foundation. Foundation takes the decision to create World Foundation, out of the hands of governments and puts you, the citizen, in charge of just about every aspect of how that transition occurs, the timing of it, and the rights attained through it. Take what you need and no more. Give the rest to the states and we will end up with a workable Democratic World Federation.

Foundation will fundamentally change how nations govern, and why they govern. Today we live in a system where fascism and imperialism have woven themselves into the fabric of our national and international political systems. Benito Mussolini said that fascism should more correctly have been called “corporatism”, because it was a “merge” of corporate and government power. This “corporatism” demands growth that we can no longer sustain. The United Nations was designed by, and for these powerful national interests, in no small measure, to permit the continuation of imperialism as a system of international governance, albeit with new masters after World War II. Imperialism is a system of government that seeks to dominate the economic and political affairs of weaker nations, and to control raw materials and world markets by their conquest. This power governs us today, is the major cause of terrorism, and is responsible for policies which are physically destroying our world.

The bottom line is that World Federalism was co-opted, and Foundation suppressed, because World Federalism and Imperialism are incompatible systems of government; they cannot co-exist. World Federalism had to be neutralized to maintain the imperial system. So it was, and so it remains. Foundation can turn this around, and must, if we expect to defeat terrorism, or survive a very inhospitable physical environment with any democratic freedoms in tact.


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