Jane Goodall
“As we move into the 21st century, it is important for people in all countries to discuss ideas for a world democracy. My main concern is for a world environmental authority with the legal authority to protect biodiversity and the natural world. A World Democracy should help to establish and provide legitimacy to such an authority.” - Jane Goodall

Biology: Biodiversity is critically important

One of the primary problems the world will face, and has so far ignored, is that related to biology. As Ms. Goodall has pointed out Biodiversity is critically important to the health of our physical world, to human beings and to the human food supply. It could also seriously impact key economic sectors.

One of the most important of these problems relates to bees, and their protection.

Several years ago I became aware of the possibility that cell phones and cell phone towers were causing the massive bee die off. That story was quickly made to disappear, much like who killed the electric car, or more importantly Nitinol as a form of clean energy that would have put the oil business out of business.

I don’t know if cell technology is the problem or not, the problem is that nobody knows or is being allowed to say so. We may need new technology to displace cell technology, but we must know the reality.

It will be a number one priority of Foundation to find answers because I don’t think that any amount of salt or pepper is going to make cell phones edible.

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