ENERGY: Problems and Solutions.

ENERGY: Problems and Solutions.

In the policy article on this site, I wrote that the most vexing problems for Foundation would be energy and media. I wrote that 9 years ago and nothing has changed. Plainly put, there would be no point in pursuing Foundation, or any other form of rational political development, if that development demands the use of fossil fuels and is continually reinforced in the public mind by a mainstream media that is by and large bought and paid for by fossil fuel industries.

What would you call the wanton and unnecessary destruction of an entire planet’s ecosystem for the profit of a single industry? Surely, that is something deserving of a forceful media response that can be globally understood and acted upon by electorates if armed with accurate information.

It is very likely that the U.S. Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 has been used to make it illegal for Americans to even talk about realistic alternatives to oil, including the principals who invented Nitinol. If there is another explanation for their silence someone needs to explain what it is, and someone needs to report that explanation. Chinese leaders are apparently content to surrender their cities to a grey mass. Does anyone remember what Beijing looks like anymore?

The question is why many of the once great nations of the world would choose to live in squalid deteriorating conditions to keep the secret of what has been called a Miracle Metal.

There is little to go on right now, that secret has been locked away but must be brought to light. The one clue that I have come away with can be found in the Nitinol Video where it was mentioned that scientists may have come up with a form of Nitinol which may be vastly more powerful than the then known capability of 55 tons of force per square inch.

The implications of a force vastly more powerful than 55 tons of force per square inch are almost beyond comprehension and perhaps frightening to Nation States who fear losing centralized control of energy, but consider this. We will learn to control and regulate it much as we did nuclear power or the human race will spend its final days starving and dying in a sewer.

What we need is the mass production of individual Nitinol engines powerful enough to run a household, that is to say heat, air conditioning, hot water, greenhouse, car, etc. Secondly to produce Nitinol engines capable of heating cooling and powering massive numbers of greenhouses and desalination plants to relieve what are now certain to be critical global shortages of food and fresh water supplies.

The following articles outline the potential of Nitinol and the utter wreckage of an oil based economy that should have been put out of business long ago.

Carl Joudrie, Nov 8, 2014

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