Jane Goodall
“As we move into the 21st century, it is important for people in all countries to discuss ideas for a world democracy. My main concern is for a world environmental authority with the legal authority to protect biodiversity and the natural world. A World Democracy should help to establish and provide legitimacy to such an authority.” - Jane Goodall


August 4, 2014

In the policy article on this site I wrote that the most vexing problems for foundation would be energy and media. I wrote that 9 years ago and nothing has changed. That is why Energy and Media are the two lead categories on this site.

Plainly put, there would be no point in pursuing foundation, or any other form of revolutionary thinking, if that thinking demands the use of fossil fuels, and is reported on by a media that is clearly corrupt and out of touch with global realities.

Nitinol will replace oil because it is powerful enough to remake the global economy and free it from the cycles of warfare and of ecological/biological destruction.

It’s simple really; all we have to do is convince the United States to loosen the control they exert over Nitinol through the Invention Secrecy act of 1951, leading to the mass production of individual Nitinol engines capable of 1. producing enough power to run a household, that is to say heat, air conditioning, hot water, greenhouse, car, etc. 2. To produce Nitinol engines capable of heating and cooling massive numbers of greenhouses and desalination plants to relieve what are now certain to be critical shortages of food and fresh water supplies.

The alternative to this approach will probably end up being some nation or group of nations backing the mass production of individual Nitinol engines whether the United States, Russia or anyone else wants it to or not. The following articles outline the potential of Nitinol and the utter stupidity and wreckage of an oil based economy that should have been put out of business long ago.

Carl Joudrie: August 4, 2014

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