The Inter/Nationalization of the Oil Industry

We are not facing a global ecological/biological emergency; we have in fact been in the midst of one for decades that is now beginning to spiral out of control. There are realities that need to be faced, and actions that need to be taken to mitigate what are now certain to be catastrophic consequences. A necessarily direct progressive political collision with the very powerful and the very ignorant could not possibly be as devastating as the continued avoidance of it. Human self-respect is all that is at stake.


Henry Kissinger once remarked, “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” Given global destabilization in virtually every metric today, one could conclude that we are in fact being controlled by an inept self serving plutocracy, now referred to as the 1%. These relics of empire are clearly unfit to control governments, oil, or people, yet they remain defacto leaders of a system that is physically crumbling.

A recent review of a book titled “Private Empire: Exxon Mobile and American Power” written by Steve Coll and reviewed by Roger Morris in part states “That the empire deals with fossil fuels and outrage, arms and deploys private armies, spawns dictators and defrauds countries”, “denies science and deceives the public at will, savages its critics and enriches its flacks, litigates, advertises and politically anesthetizes planetary disasters into forgotten minor mishaps,” “So complete” was the “global reach of this force that the sun never set on its market share and its Texas headquarters was known deservedly as the Death Star.”

Ecological, biological and economic national security and global security issues can no longer be viewed as separate issues. We can no longer realistically claim any one of them to be secure without establishing security for the others. It is now plainly evident that despite corporate and government propaganda to the contrary, national and global economies will never be able to recover their strengths with looming ecological and biological catastrophes continually draining national and international financial reserves. It won’t help that the 1% continues to manipulate nations into a never ending series of expensive imperial wars that are profitable for them, and destructive for the rest of us.

We now know beyond any doubt whatsoever that we are leaving a dangerous burden to this generation of children, yet to the ideologues who lead us, its business as usual. That we would allow the destruction of our civilization for the well being of a single industry, and a failed governing class of people, is irrational and stupefying. There is nothing common about the sense of it.

There are urgent steps which if taken now, could greatly mitigate human and material losses. Among the most important of these steps would be to give this new generation the financial means to pay for the vital transition to a survivable state. The road to that possibility will not be found by drilling under the Arctic Ice or by fracking the earth. These practices should be outlawed, criminalized and be made prosecutable with serious penalties, now. In a rational world we would be encouraging companies to build pipelines, not to carry crude oil but to carry fresh water to parched crops, water made clean by desalination plants, paid for by the seizure of oil company profits dedicated to that purpose.

Who should lay the groundwork for this? Hypothetically it should be the United Nations, but the United Nations is heavily invested in a system from which the 99% should expect nothing and will get nothing. Governed as it is, the United Nations will ignore such resolutions, but the people of the world will not.

National political parties, including Foundation should it be developed, can put these ideas to their national constituents, for elections to decide.

The oil business will not go out of business, but be phased out completely insofar as the combustion of oil is concerned. New industries should more than compensate for any potential job losses. Ideologues will fret over this breach of capitalist control, but should be reminded that this is a global emergency warranting such action, and that there are examples of popular and successful nationalizations when not impeded by the overthrow of democratically elected governments.

There is no point of tearing something down if you don’t have something better to replace it. Fortunately there is something to replace oil as a primary energy provider.

Nitinol is a double memory reflex alloy that is capable of generating unlimited amounts of inexpensive electrical power. It would be my choice as the medium to replace oil, because it would make Kissinger’s observations obsolete on both counts. Nitinol would largely eliminate the need for oil, the need for the imperial control of nations because of oil, or the need to maintain an expensive war system to secure energy, and soon food supplies.

You may not have heard of Nitinol because those with financial interests in maintaining an imperial war system, didn’t want you too. Nitinol power generation would after all greatly decentralize and reduce state control over the production and distribution of energy, food, water, and finally, the control of we the people, therefore undermining the rational of tyrannies.

As it stands today we the people are exactly where the oil industry wants us to be, we are dependent on the poisons they produce, and divided into several movements and organizations all going in different directions, when in fact we all face one common identifiable threat that supersedes all others. We really do need to concentrate as one, on an oil industry that if given continued free reign will irrevocably destroy us all, no matter w hose star is ascendant.

Carl Joudrie:  October 14, 2012

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