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August 2, 2005

In the Jan-Feb 2005 issue of United World, I noted the thought that Federalists ought to be “insisting on the abolition of sovereign rights” rather than attempt to reform the United Nations. As a Canadian, I don’t want my countries sovereign rights to be abolished, nor would Americans or any other nationals. That is why these ideas have failed and why, for better or worse, they will continue to fail.

As a World Federalist I see it as our job to define states rights in a World Federation, and to bring them under democratic control, not to abolish them! Our job is to define a social contract applicable to World Federalism, that appropriately reduces the power of the state, and balances that power with democratic rights, not to abolish those rights in favour of some nameless guarantor. So far as the United Nations is concerned it is our job to replace it, not reform it!

The World Federalist movement in general, and in particular, is intentionally dividing us between competing visions of World Federalism which speak to no ones rights, not the publics and not the states, and which will find no support in either camp. It should come as no surprise then, that we are being led there to render World Federalism harmless to interests that World Federalism would be bound to regulate.

I did not become a World Federalist to become a shill for state or corporate interests, to create a world government, or to support an existing version of one, and I will not support tyrants no matter what they call themselves. We need to step out of this backwater that we have been led to. We need traction in the real world and we need it now. We need a political movement that average people can support and vote for.

Carl Joudrie: August 2, 2005

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