VOTING: Problems and Solutions

History continues to demonstrate that most national revolutions are violent and destabilizing. Could a global revolution be any less so? If so what form should it take and could it be achieved democratically with the consent of nations and national electorates?

I believe that such a revolution is now inevitable, because the worlds environmental, biological, and economic systems are broken, as are the political institutions that might have repaired them. Those institutions are now governed by Plutocrats and Oligarchs who have become openly hostile to democratic oversight by public electorates.

This is going to change under Foundation. Public electorate rights will not only be protected but expanded.


As a policy matter, voting will be mandatory for all citizens of voting age in every member nation within Foundation.

How to grow your electorate: Legislate turnout – The Globe and Mail

We’ve Known How to Fix Voting Since 1975—We Don’t Need Another Panel – J. Ray Kennedy – The Atlantic

Stanford biologists: Equal rights, education for women key to avoiding civilization’s collapse

“Understanding how to improve voter decision making may have important implications for democracy”.

Average voter is unable to accurately assess politicians, new research shows

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